History and Background


Delight Capital is registered as ‘DELIGHT CAPITAL LIMITED’ a private limited liability company. Delight Capital Limited is working towards being the community microfinance offering market customized products and services to its members.

Delight Capital Limited currently has six (6) Directors and a team of 6 staff. The company was registered on the 13th December 2013 and has a registered share capital of Kshs. 10 million with a plan to increase every year. Delight Capital started its operations mainly in the Central region.

Office and Location

The Company is located at Biashara Plaza, Commercial Street; Thika Town. Its aim is to enrich the lives of its members by offering customized products and services of benefit to its members.


Delight Capital is a community microfinance company with the arms of credit and advisory. We work towards being a leader in customer service and loyalty as we strive towards enriching the lives of our members. We are strategically placed to answer questions that have locked out many active poor people from being financially freed but they are pressured by colds of poverty hence not being able to realise their dreams in life.

Microfinance has evolved as an economic development approach intended to benefit low income earners both men and women. These categories of people form majority of the population in our communities in Kenya and in the entire continent of Africa. By taking care of their financial needs, we play a big role in poverty eradication and economic growth.

Delight Capital is well placed to enriching lives through customized financial and economic empowerment services. We achieve this by upholding strong core values of Customer Focused, Innovation, Integrity and Professionalism.

By these values, we put our members’ interest first to build a world class microfinance company that enables our clients to become members of a big team that plays great role in poverty eradication.
We in Delight Capital believe in trust, confidence and faith that it can be done excellently. As we build this group of members and professionals, we plan to utilise different approach and methodologies that build cohesion, inclusion and simplicity which in turn will bring a major paradigm shift to the micro finance industry.

DCL believes that microfinance goes a long way in service provision and relevant life transforming products not only in credit but also in other areas of economic development such as; Micro savings, Micro insurance, Micro agribusiness, Micro housing and Business management and financial advisory to our members.

DCL plans to provide real time solutions and create a stable platform for our members to place their investments plans and realize their financial goals as we grow them economically and face the future with confidence as they weather the storms of life. We train them on basic business management skills and financial planning so that we can realize business goals together. We believe in a financially inclusive world one in which every individual can seize the opportunity to access a full range of high quality and affordable financial services. Through Delight Capital, each person we serve can capitalize on his or her own capability and drive to achieve real economic gains and build brighter futures for themselves and their families.

Therefore, Delight Capital is the community micro-finance company financing active poor Kenyans with a mandate to lead many to enrich their lives.